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Fund your entire college education.

All with one website.

ScholarMe lets students apply for all sources of college funding — scholarships, FAFSA and student loans, quickly and easily.

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We’ll help you complete every step of the process.

We created ScholarMe so you never have to leave our website to get 100% funded for college.

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1. File your FAFSA quickly and securely

Almost every student needs to apply for federal aid. We've simplified the questions to make it faster and easier to understand, and we submit the form to the government on your behalf.


2. Apply for hundreds of private scholarships

Private scholarships are the best way to win extra money for college expenses. We've integrated with hundreds of scholarship sites so you can apply directly on our website. You can even apply for multiple scholarships at once with the same essay questions.


3. Find the best student loan for your financial situation

Many students still need a student loan to cover the gap on their college tuition, but applying for a random one is risky and can hurt you down the line. We match you to the best student loans for your specific financial situation, so you save as much money as possible.


Here's what everyone's been saying


ScholarMe has made it easy for a person with a busy schedule like me because it takes just one click.


ScholarMe is the perfect solution to the extremely overwhelming problem of applying to scholarships, and I know I for one will use it as long as I'm in college.


I've been stressing about how college is going to be, but that’s all in the past thanks to ScholarMe. It makes the process of scholarships a million times easier; All you have to do is fill out a master application and hit that apply button!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is ScholarMe free?

    ScholarMe is 100% free and we will never charge to use our website.

  • How do you make money?

    After applying for FAFSA and private scholarships, we help students who need student loans find the best interest-rate using our Loan Comparison Tool. The bank that gives you the best terms pays us a small fee when you take out their loan. It's a win-win situation! Don't worry, though, not everybody will need a student loan and this tool is completely optional.

  • Do you actually apply me for financial aid on your website?

    Yes! We built ScholarMe to do the actual applying for you, so all you have to do is enter any necessary information and you will be applied for that form of aid.

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Femi Adebogun


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